Water pickles – balm for intestines

The colon has up to 80% of our immune system. You’ve already read that in a lot of smart books (including my :-)).

There’s a huge number of microorganisms | called the intestinal microflora in the intestine. If they are in the right proportions (that is, the useful “breberies” in number wins over the harmful ones), then we are likely to avoid many health problems and feel overall health. Conversely, in most chronic diseases, we can assume that the intestinal microflora is not in balance and the large intestine is in poor condition.

The intestines are so important to health that I will write a separate article about them. But today I want to write a recipe, which you can beautifully add the right breberky :-).

These are quick-fermented vegetables in brine | called water pickles.

Water pickles

Pickles are made without pickle, | the vegetables are squeezed very much with salt until they release the juice, but today we’ll look at the water variant: ). I like it a little bit, even faster and easier to prepare. But it depends on everyone who suits him.

Prepare for the water pickles:

Such prepared cabbage is suitable for a large number of meals | every serving. And the rule that what is healthy is not good :-), on the contrary. I bet the whole family will love it.

If you happen to have a problem with digestion, flatulence, etc. (this might happen if you’re not used to eating fermented things or legumes, for example), she advised to start slowly, gradually intestines to get used to this type of food, and also clear the intestine first. If it is stuck and in a bad condition (which is often the case nowadays), it can’t handle such foods properly or function properly and needs our help.

If you were interested in this topic, I have described all my experience on how to cleanse not only the intestines but | the entire body.

Let you prepare pickles and good taste :).


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