Penguin challenge: be healthy through hardening

K knows me, knows how I love heat. For example, climbing rocks somewhere in the south at 40 ° C, where others go in April :-). It is true that my fat stores probably do not count with more than + 20 °, but on the other hand – when a pleasant experience or bonus is associated with a feeling of winter, I like to endure a lot.

Maybe sleeping in a winter overhang, waking up in the morning, making a fire | and watching it snowing beautifully, that’s wonderful … Or – the hardening bonus is good immunity, I like to put on ice water every morning. And this is what this article is about …

I’ve written a little about hardening in the article Osmero for strengthening immunity, or how I did not become a hardy Vltava. For example, I write about a cryocentre, and | about a cold shower in the morning, which I would recommend to everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the cold shower in this article :-).

To lure you a little, first of all my experience | that will bring you:

How to do it

The first and most important advice is: Start gradually, don’t want to be a polar bear in a week. It is also important that you endure and not give up after a few days.

Start from your feet and hands, then your stomach, chest, back. At first do not shower your head (just face), wait until you are experienced hardy :-).

Once you let the cold water on you, the body tends to contract, | you breathe quickly … consciously prolong your breath, especially your exhale. Focus on him. Try to calm down overall. And maybe smile at that – that helped me a lot at the beginning.

Breathe long and relaxed even after you get out of the shower. Dry yourself and maybe work out for a while. It is not good to wrap up in warm clothes right away – just a shirt, and so on. The goal is for the body to learn to generate enough heat. If you remain low on clothes and exercise, you activate a so-called brown fat that is able to generate heat (it has more mitochondria than other cells – these are our mini-power plants – etc.).

How to hold on and enjoy it

What do we say when a man climbs into cold water, | his head can think of 100 reasons why not and why it was better to skip today. I know it very well :-): “You got up later today, you are no longer catching up, leave it for tomorrow.”, “It’s freezing outside – you won’t cool down yet, you’ll get cold.”, “You don’t have as much fat as others what if it is not good for you at all and your body is badly tolerated by cold. ”… Sometimes it is a chore to outsmart an inventive subconscious :-). For example, this has helped me:

How to harden children

 A penguin - a chick hardening children, I always think in my head little Vašek under the well in “How to get dad to the school” :-). Children can be hardened from a little one, but here is a double – start gradually, slowly: first a warm shower or bath, at the end a little lower the temperature…. Think of a fairy tale, a ritual by age, it must be play and joy for children. You should also set an example for them :-).

It’s a good idea to comprehensively, hardening isn’t just a cold shower. Forget the traditional “don’t go barefoot, don’t run out undressed …”. On the contrary, it is great (even for adults), when they need to be undressed in the morning, sometimes they run out onto the balcony lightly even in winter… of course, just a moment. It also helps frequent ventilation, sleeping in a cold room, not to dress too much as much as possible to be outdoors… but you know it for sure :-).

Wim Hof’s method

At the end, just a brief mention: I’ve been flirting a little with the Wim Hof ​​method lately. It is a combination of intensive breathing, hardening and working with the mind. If you learn this method, you can handle ice water much more easily, increase immunity much faster, manage stress better …. On the Internet you can find a lot of information today, there are courses (I certainly plan some :-)). Wim Hof ​​is definitely worth attention, check it out.

The penguins do well and let me know | how many of them you’ve already colored :-).


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