November Yoga with Jaja!

If you are here for the first time and you don’t know my sports challenges, you can wander into older years and read about them here in the link. Or just read these few lines where I will explain what this is all about! 🙂

#jogasjajou starts November 1 and ends November 30, 2019.

What is #jogasjajou about?

About to take a moment and relax not only your body but also your mind . Stretching, relaxing, forgetting stress and all that we have to “catch up with now”. About seeking balance in our accelerated world and discipline which, when it becomes your routine, is the best habit you can take from this common challenge!

Imagine your day: morning alarm clock, school trip / busy busy busy congestion / car jams, duties and tasks to be accomplished in a certain time, family worries, preparing dinner, kids’ tasks … it generates daily pressure and stress in our lives that are not really enough to release (at best) 5 weeks of holiday…

Yoga will “force you” to stop, relax, strengthen you, and turn it off, just like any other sport. And it is up to you how long you spend it (I recommend at least 15 minutes every day, ideally daily).

Rules of the “game”

If you speak English, check out my favorite Adriene Louise . I always choose some of her “A 30 Day Yoga Journey” and every day I try to find a moment. If you don’t have time every day, which is sometimes really challenging, try saving your time every day. But I highly recommend talking and having a 30 day challenge. You will see how well you will feel, because you will be pleased that you were able to save time each day! 🙂

The regularity is important the body likes to get used to the regime, and then it’s not just that, it’s your head. This principle itself works like amazing relaxation !

If you like to practice in the morning or in the evening, it’s up to you. I usually practice in the evening. All day long my head calms down and I sleep well, but we all have different things.

If Adriene doesn’t catch you, or you prefer to practice in Czech, check out Rozalka Still on the way :

The goal of #jogasjajou is therefore really “just” to find a moment of yoga in your home / outdoors … Anywhere. Daily or from day. It’s cool, too, that with these videos you don’t need anything else besides the mat and comfortable clothing.

So that you don’t feel like it yourself, it’s more motivating and fun to exercise, tune in to the networks IG Storeis @zasadnezdrave . Starting November 1, I will share your workouts with you, and if you join and add your own stories / posts under the hashtag #jogasjajou, the whole challenge and community will kick us all out! 🙂 It always has an amazing effect by virtually connecting each other and sharing exercises, automatically supporting and motivating each other!

Who knows me a long time (running or cooking) knows that I love the Norwegian sports ladies’ brand Kari Traa . It fits me perfectly, is cheerful and colorful (which is quite important: D) ​​and above all functional. I just have a weakness for the Nordic style. I’ve been in her closet since Jary and I went to buy a new tent at the Letňany fair five years ago, and I left – with me, a pink Kari jacket. It was love at first sight what we will be. 🙂

So I am pleased that the representative of Norwegian Kari Traa in the Czech Republic appealed to me for the embassy so I can now negotiate very nice prizes for my sports challenges!

PS: Because my community is predominantly women, I believe that gentlemen are not offended and would like to pay to their partner, wife, lover, mother, grandmother, friend, daughter …:)

Competition Rules

To give you a gift and it was all so nicely integrated and beneficial to you in terms of the motivation, I thought this time this way. Those who just want to join in are doing yoga with us as he loves, and for everyone who wants to compete and win beautiful clothes from the new Kari Traa collection (I reveal on November 1) is rules following :

  • Add a motivational photo (any you don’t need to be) to your Instagram / Facebook with a hashtag: #jogasjajou saying you want to participate in the contest | you go with us and maybe with the text why you want to participate and what you expect .
  • You can join in a month if you don’t catch the first day. Just add your first hashtag post.
  • You have to exercise at least for at least 15 minutes of yoga / day in November (ie to practice honestly eg every other day, or start up to 5.11 but have 15 lessons practiced on 30.11). Whether you take 15 days in a row or divide it arbitrarily into a month!
  • At the end of the call, post on your Instagram / Facebook with a hashtag: #jogasjajou to evaluate what the call has given you and to show it by practicing days (that you’ve done 15 “yoga lessons” during November after a minimum of 15 minutes / day).
  • The contest will be evaluated on December 4, 2019 by drawing lots on my Instagram Stories.
  • All 6 draws who qualify for the contest – add two public posts with #jogasjajou hashtags to their social networks and provide 15 trained lessons for at least 15 minutes – I’ll also contact a private message and receive a beautiful prize from new Kari Traa collection (I will reveal 1.11.).

Summary of contest rules: 2 public posts on social networks with hashtags #jogasjaja and 15 practiced “yoga lessons” (at least 15 min / lesson) to do. That’s all I need from you to draw 6 Yogis / Yogis from you to receive a Kari Traa win.

Thank you very much for your cooperation 🙂 and I’m looking forward to tomorrow on the networks -> Instagram @sasadnezdrave) and jogamatka.

Namaste! <3

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