Are women 40+ written off?

I’m a woman and I’m 40+. And sometimes I have the feeling that my train was long gone and I missed it. My hair is gray (thank God it’s coloring), wrinkles are increasing (despite the care of the most expensive creams), with the help of gravity, the body (especially its soft tissue) begins to slowly move to the ground (proportionally accelerates doing business). Xindla X: I haven’t been in yet and I’m retro.

On the other hand, sometimes I feel like I’m and feel as good as ever. And honestly – I would like to have that feeling as often as possible. How do you do this, what else do I have to face and struggle with? This will be my blog section. And because it’s a blog called Another Life, here it will be a little different.

Even after the age of forty, the world (still) lies at your feet

I recently read a pretty optimistic article on how 40+ women, ie, generation X (ie born between 1960 and 1980), are doing great:

  • They control the online world, but they don’t depend on it.
  • Chile uses social networks, but they also have a lot of real friends.
  • They can judge what is real and what to see.
  • They have a view.
  • They need no comparison.
  • They have solved priorities and their rankings of values.
  • From a professional point of view, they are still young professionals.
  • Most of the time, they already have bigger children and can therefore pursue their profession to the fullest.

So if you’re a woman of 40+ (or close to this age) and you feel that some / most / all points are a little off then you’re right here.

I’m the same and I’ll write about it. I have a small 2.5-year-old child who did not take me to kindergarten. In doing so, I try not to lose the most important customers and not to lose some kind of income, because I have already exhausted the parental allowance. I also have a great need to do something other than a full-time mom and be independent.

The result is my feeling of a bulldozer, who rolls all his duties and tasks in front of him; It’s hard to keep a close eye in this state. I have a lot of real friends, but I don’t have time. And they’re not much better off. We are all comparing and we will always, age will not change anything (see my blog post How comparing you to others can kill you). I consider myself an eternal semi-professional who has reached middle age. Maybe it will change again.

The Principles of Another Life 40+

This blog is and will be about discovering another life for women 40+ and I hope it will be inspiring enough. To maintain good well-being here I have a few principles for you. Of course, it is true not only for the age of 40+, but the truth is that it is at this age that we can finally keep it 😉 And that is our huge advantage.

  1. Perfection is not perfect. The motto of my youth was “If it’s not perfect, I couldn’t do it.” This, of course, led to unnecessary stress and low self-esteem. Now it seems to me that imperfection is beautiful. Perfect women are like dummies in a shop window.
  2. Cough up on what others think. He always thinks differently than you think ;-). So why build unnecessary obstacles on your way? Why keep meditating on whether to do it, because what the hell would people say?
  3. To win is not to win. We don’t have to fight someone. Just surround yourself with people like us. And fortunately for some time in our lives, it has cleared around us. It’s just a sweet reward.
  4. Life isn’t just about a perfect body. Let’s end the domination of the cult of the body. Our body will never look like we were 20. When we realize and accept it, we get the freedom to do whatever we want – we can freely pursue our work, hobbies, family.
  5. Aging is natural. We’ve been aging since conception. I don’t know why we’re still dealing with age. And if we do not solve it by accident, our surroundings are always dealing with it for us. This includes wannabe compliments like “But you look amazing for your age!” (Thanks for reminding me how old I am, right?). Instead of age, we should focus on whether we feel good, whether we look good, and whether we are happy and happy. I have grown so far that at birthday I have to count how old I am 😉 I take it as a good sign!

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And in the comments below, feel free to tell me what principle of the above is the hardest thing for you to follow.

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