The true beauty is green

The true beauty is green

You hear it?

Natural cosmetics are already tapping the doors of even the most traditional perfumery, brands and salons. Green is good and is on course. Nature is everywhere and plastic straws are disappearing from the surface of the Earth at rocket speed. Until it seems that writing something about natural cosmetics is superfluous. After all, we all live by nature. We know how and what is right. Or not?

Aside from saving the planet, natural cosmetics have invaded the shop shelves lately. Gone is the time when natural care was the domain of lesan and strangely alternative beings, now it’s trendy and cool and who isn’t at least a little green as if it wasn’t. It would be foolish to believe that this trend has escaped the big cosmetic giants who have so far been blushing us with cosmetics full of oil, aggressive preservatives and poisonous synthetic perfumes. Business is business. And that is why it is perhaps more important now than ever to be more interested in natural cosmetics!

Respect in cosmetics
Natural cosmetics is not just cosmetics made from natural ingredients. That is the very foundation and the necessary substance, and even this is often not fulfilled. But the real and pure natural cosmetics is based primarily on respect. On the one hand, respect for man, his health and needs. It respects the real needs of our skin and does not hurt it in the name of fast and profound beauty. On the other hand, there is also respect for nature. Awareness of responsibility that addresses more than just an inventory of ingredients. We have a responsibility for the footprint we leave in nature, be it the way we grow raw materials, waste management, packaging solutions or the carbon footprint.

The truly NATURAL cosmetics seeks a balance between the two poles. He wants to bring customers the best of the plant kingdom, but also wants to preserve these treasures to our children and their children. It does not look for fast profit, but for a slow change in the established paradigm. Natural cosmetics is “slow” in the best sense of the word and will make us also slow down and ask ourselves what we still need and what we can do without.

How do you recognize such cosmetics in practice? Do not expect to find it on highway billboards. It will take a little more effort. And the interest and ability to read between the lines. You are looking for cosmetics that have absolutely pure composition. Without masked toxins and would-be harmless chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to orientate in the composition and know what to avoid and how to recognize the “Trojan horse”. Looking for a creator who knows what he’s doing and does it well. Because even more important than the ingredients themselves are the ratios between them and the tuned recipe. You want a responsible approach to sourcing raw materials and eco-friendly packaging… Is that too much and are you lost?

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