Challenge: how many push ups will you do for 1 hour. I succeeded …

Challenge: how many push ups will you do for 1 hour. I succeeded …


I never take part in any Facebook chain, but a few days ago I made an exception. Kuzyn nominated me in my discipline – push-ups.

The challenge is to do as many push-ups as possible per hour.

I got into ambition, he managed to do 750, so the goal was simple; do even one more pump.

The tactics adopted are very important in this challenge. I calculated that in order to do a minimum of 750 pumps, I have to do about 13 pumps per minute on average.

Tactics adopted

I just adopted such tactics: 13 push-ups and a break of up to a full minute. 13 push-ups are done on average 13 seconds so breaks between sets were about 47 seconds.

The number of series is impressive 60.

Twice during this hour I took a break longer than these 47 seconds. After 45 series I had a crisis and it was hard to do 13 push-ups in the series. So I rested more about a minute. And it was a good idea. I regained some freshness and strength. After 9 series I again took a break of one minute.

The last 2 series are already a hard fight with your weaknesses. Two sets of 10 repetitions were hard to do.

In total, 761 repetitions came out. Which makes me proud.


I recommend you try your hand at this challenge. Very nice springboard from everyday training. And the next day, the sounding was brewing nice. Let me know how many pump-ups you have made in the comment. Strength and good luck!



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