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diet, supplementation and skin care

  Psoriasis is a non-infectious, chronic inflammatory disease that manifests itself with characteristic skin lesions and joint problems. There are periods of exacerbations and remissions in this condition. Treatment requires the use of external and oral preparations, however they have ….

Inflammation as an effect on overweight

What are inflammations? State inflammatory is a response of the immune system aimed at eliminating the pathogen from the body that disrupts its homeostasis. We can distinguish between an inflammatory reaction that is short-lived and involves eliminating the pathogen followed ….

Natural effective ways to relieve pain

The following text was written by my guest; dietitian Paulina Wałachowska-Steć, who also conducts online consultations. Paulinka’s website: Does your head, stomach or throat hurt? The easiest way to fight pain is a tablet … At the same time, ….

The true beauty is green

You hear it? Natural cosmetics are already tapping the doors of even the most traditional perfumery, brands and salons. Green is good and is on course. Nature is everywhere and plastic straws are disappearing from the surface of the Earth ….

calisthenics, push-ups, training at home

Until recently, there was a widespread belief that a vegetarian diet is not conducive to building muscle mass because of being low-protein and deficient. At present, however, it is believed that vegetarian can also actively train and build their weight, ….