calisthenics, push-ups, training at home

calisthenics, push-ups, training at home

A home gym can be an ideal solution if you do not have time to regularly reach a stationary point and you want to train at selected times.

This type of room can be arranged so that it serves us for a long time, and at the same time it was not filled to the brim with expensive equipment. Let’s check what home gym equipment is worth buying to start comfortable workouts.

Home gym – where to start arranging it?

Arranging the gym at home involves choosing the right place. It can be an unused room, but also a basement or garage. However, two aspects are important – the right size of the room, which will give us the opportunity to place large-size equipment, such as an exercise atlas or exercise bench, as well as ventilation. During exercise, we will need a lot of oxygen, so choose a place that is well ventilated or has access to the window.

In many cases, we will also have to carry out a minor renovation of the room. Refreshing the walls and floor will allow us to use the gym comfortably. The use of non-slip material for the floor will also be a key element here. It is important that it is durable. In this case, rubber surfaces are definitely good, as they are not damaged by pressure from heavy equipment and do not deform, even when the weight falls on them. We can also easily clean them after training, and also show anti-slip properties, making training more comfortable and safe.

As for the walls, we can cover them with easy-to-clean ceramic tiles or rubber panels that will protect the walls from upholstery, caused e.g. by moving equipment. In the home gym, it is also worth installing a large mirror that will allow us to control our posture during exercise on an ongoing basis. The lack of a personal trainer does not have to cause problems if we know how to properly perform the exercise. The mirror will help us in this control.

An important aspect in a home gym is also access to natural light or good electric lighting. You can also install sockets, especially if you want to buy electronic equipment later.

Once we have chosen the place and arranged it for our gym, it’s time to fill it in the right way. First of all, the equipment on which we will train is very important.

What are the benefits of a home gym?

In the case of a home gym, it is certainly a very positive aspect that we can train in it at any time of the day, when we have time for it. We don’t have to spend time on getting to the stationary gym, we just have it at our home and we can use it whenever we want. We also do not have to worry about queues for equipment – we individually choose the time we spend with a given device. Of course, once we invest in a home gym, that is, its equipment and finishing, we can save a significant amount of money on fairly expensive lift tickets.

Home gym equipment – which one to choose?

Many people who dream of creating a home gym are concerned about the high cost of various types of equipment. It is worth knowing that for our workouts to be effective, we do not have to buy expensive equipment. At the beginning you can get basic equipment, which is not only relatively cheap, but also has the right quality. Certainly, accessories such as an exercise mat or kettlebell will be crucial here, the purchase of which is not associated with high expenditure. Arrangement of our home gym can be gradual depending on the level that we achieve over time.

Chin-up bar

The basic and very versatile equipment in a home gym is a chin-up bar. It is also relatively cheap – we will pay 50 PLN for the expansion bar mounted on the door. It’s worth choosing screw-mounted models that have additional grips, so that when you pull them up, you’ll be able to strengthen different muscle parts. The bar should also have special rubber elements that will allow us to hold it securely during training and provide adequate security.

Exercise Atlas

It is a professional equipment that should be found in virtually every home gym. While doing exercises on it, we work on both shoulders and back. You can set the right weight and increase it over time. During training on it we also do not need belaying, as it happens in the case of free weights. However, we must reckon with the fact that the training atlas is very heavy equipment and cannot be placed in some types of rooms. Additionally, it is possible to set the maximum and maximum load quantity.

Exercise bench

Exercise bench is a very important equipment when arranging a gym at home. Thanks to it, during training we can do exercises for virtually all muscles, including squats, bellies, and triceps and biceps exercises. High-quality exercise bench should be able to regulate height and pitch. High weight resistance is also needed. It is worth paying attention to the material on which the bench is covered. It should be non-slip, and at the same time give the opportunity to quickly clean the surface in case of dirt and clean the bench from sweat.


The barbell and weights selected for it will allow us to perform many exercises, also on the aforementioned bench. These will primarily be squats with a load, but also squeezing on the chest. The bar with weights must be properly profiled, preferably metal, with the possibility of easy and reliable grip. Barbell weights should be chosen with rubberizing, because they are much quieter when falling and will not damage the floor.


Kettlebell is a multifunctional type of exercise weight. You can lift it with both hands or only with one hand. A single handle allows us to do squats with a load, and having two the same kettlebell we can also do lunges. Kettlebell will allow us to strengthen the whole body without the need for many weights. It’s worth choosing them in many sizes. Professional kettlebells start from just 0.5 kg and reach up to 20 kg.

Stationary bicycle

A stationary bike is an ideal equipment enabling quick warm-up, but also performing cardio exercises after weight training. It takes up little space, and some models are foldable. It is worth choosing the one on which we can use the monitor to set the appropriate load to be able to increase it later.


In addition to kettlebell, men in the home gym can also place dumbbells that are extremely versatile by having one handle and by their small size and shape. We can choose dumbbells from various materials. Most often, heavy metal dumbbells with rubberizing are chosen for the men’s gym. It is worth choosing several sizes of dumbbells depending on the exercise. We can use them to strengthen the shoulders, but also the back, and even do squats with a load or lunges. Dumbells will be a must when exercising on a variety of equipment, such as an exercise bench.

It is worth choosing dumbbells with a hexagonal shape that will not roll when you put them down. For dumbbells, as well as barbells, it is worth choosing the right rack. It should have room for loads and have rubberized and reinforced legs.

exercise mat

You will also need an exercise mat in the home gym. This type of accessory allows you to isolate our body from a hard surface when performing, for example, crunches. It is worth it to be of adequate thickness, but also have anti-slip properties to be able to train on it or stretch without the need to wear sports shoes.


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